John Eastman Trump’s attorney with the alternative voter theory delivers over 10,000 emails to the committee

Sit back and try to imagine for a moment everything we wouldn’t know if it weren’t for the fact that Nancy Pelosi stepped forward and set up the Select Chamber Oversight Committee. Among the texts at Meadows, and many other messages, is the structural framework for the “legal theory” that Trump attorney John Eastman put together, a theory that led directly to the attempted January 6 coup. According to Politico, 10,000 pages of communication from Eastman to Trump’s team will go to the Committee and the information found inside will help fill the remaining holes in the structural picture. From Policy:

Attorney John Eastman, a key architect of Donald Trump’s legal effort to overturn the 2020 election, is preparing to provide an additional 10,000 pages of documents to the January 6 select committee, his attorney revealed on Friday. It is the latest twist for investigators in their ongoing struggle to get the details of Trump’s latest plans to overturn his election defeat.

Eastman had claimed the privilege of attorney-client on more than 37,000 pages of post-election emails relating to his work for Trump. But under pressure from U.S. District Court Judge David Carter – who ruled in March that Eastman and Trump likely had entered into a criminal conspiracy to overturn the elections – Eastman withdrew the privilege claims for nearly a third of that total. .

It doesn’t take a law scholar to understand that if you are planning a bank robbery with your attorney, that planning is not covered by the attorney-client privilege.

These documents are particularly important because, as reported this week on this website, the powerful and conservative retired court of appeals judge J. Michael Luttig calls alternate voters part of the plan, the Eastman-centric plan, the Republican plan to 2024. Luttig believes Republicans intend to use the 12th Amendment to say that a state legislator has the right to override the state’s votes and send legislators chosen voters if they so wish. The amendment also implies that the action is not reviewed by any court, including the state supreme court. You can see the implications. Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, all with strong GOP majorities in the state legislature, all could have simply voted the electoral college voters the legislature preferred, with a waiver of “rigging” and fraud, no proof required.

The documents will certainly contain references to this plan. Beyond that, one can only imagine what the committee will learn. One truth remained throughout the process. Nothing seemed to be out of bounds. At no time have we seen anything to indicate that anyone said “this is wrong”, other than Mike Pence’s decision to simply do what the Constitution clearly requires. Unbelievable, but Pence is truly the hero of the 2020 election, based only on the fact that he did what was clearly required by the Constitution. Others weren’t so tied up.